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no screenshot Simply Authenticator

Simply Authenticator generates authentication code for time-based two-factor authentication.

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no screenshot KeepMyIdentities

What would you do if someone broke into your email account?

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no screenshot Password Locker

*** Free limited trial *** A must have simple utility that saves you time every day!

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no screenshot Iron Password

IronPassword is a password generation tool to create high quality random passwords, even in bulk, securely and at any length.

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no screenshot Passwortgenerator

Passwortgenerator ist die beste App zum generieren zufälliger Passwörter.

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no screenshot AES

The app for encrypting and decrypting plain text. You can use a many of the ciphers (AES, DES, 3DES, RC2).

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no screenshot PointSharp

The PointSharp app is a software-based One-Time Password token supporting the OATH standard specified in RFC4226.

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no screenshot Secure Password Generator

This App gives you the possibility to create your own algorithm for your secure password.

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no screenshot HashMe

Application 'HashMe' is the most comprehensive collection of hash functions like MD5, SHA1 and dozen of others.

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no screenshot LastPass

LastPass, the leading password and data management service, stores all your logins securely, so you can access your accounts and services from...

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