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Class Journal

An Application providing the journal feature for a class, in this application you can add the daily journal of your class to keep record of the...

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MW3 Create-a-Class

Here comes app which will give you ability to create personalized classes in Modern Warfare 3.

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no screenshot Class Seater

Class Seater allows you to create detailed seating plans for your class or tutorial Create seating plans Export a Class List

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HeuX Class

HeuX Class allows teachers to deliver lesson content to students through the use of whiteboards, quick polls, and forums.

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Swag vs. Class

Do you have "swag? How about "class? Do you know? Do you want to know?

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R Class Locomotive R707 Jigsaw Puzzle

Traditional jigsaw puzzle optimized for Windows 8, having all the benefits of a boxed jigsaw and none of the drawbacks, such as lost pieces and...

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Class Board

Turn your Windows 8 device into a classroom board! This app provides a simple and touch friendly solution to smart boards in classrooms.

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Quiet Class Cricket

Ever been in a class where the professor says something or asks a question and the room suddenly goes silent? Awkward isn't it?

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C# Class Generator

This app will save you a lot of time off the boring task of hand coding C# classes.

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BO2 Create-a-Class

Try creating some classes before getting yourself a fresh copy of Black Ops 2.

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