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Video Watermarker screenshot Video Watermarker

Watermarker overlays watermarks on top of videos with pictures and text with variable opacity levels.

Tags: watermark, watermark videos, watermark video, watermark images, watermark image, watermark photos,

CustomerRegister 2

Free customer register software with customizable data fields and statistics module.

Tags: customer register, crm, customer registration, customer management, free crm, free customer register,

Aml Maple 4.33 screenshot Aml Maple

Aml Maple has a new kind of view on keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible.

Tags: Cursor, Language, Keyboard, Layout, Input, Typing, Flag, Lang, Switcher, Text, Assistant,

no screenshot Poshmark share bot

Auto share products on Poshmark. om with windows application bot Fully automatic

Tags: bestmacros, poshmark, share, bot, software, auto share, poshmark share,

no screenshot LinkConnect bot

Auto connect on LinkedIn with windows software!

Tags: bestmacros, linkedin, connect, invite, bot, software, linkedin connect,

no screenshot YT flag bot

Auto flag videos on YouTube with windows application bot With captcha solver!

Tags: youtube bot, flag bot, youtube flag bot,

no screenshot Linkjobs scraper

Auto scrape LinkedIn jobs with windows application bot

Tags: linkedin, bot, scrape, jobs,

no screenshot Zillow ads reply

Auto reply ads on Zillow with windows application bot

Tags: bestmacros, zillow, zillow bot, zillow ads reply, ads reply, zillow message,

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