Why React Native App Development Is Welcomed Among Businesses?

However, with react native, an open-source JavaScript framework, apps can be developed with the help of Javascript only, which functions both on android and iOS platforms. Apps built on this framework function smoothly and seamlessly on both android and iOS platforms.

React Native is being used by thousands of companies to build cross-platform mobile applications. Creating this app demands the developer to have expertise in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

A very paramount reason to use react native is that only one set of Javascript code is needed to write by the developer to enjoy the quick performance of the React Native apps. This framework helps in catering both the platforms at one go, ending the big debate of either selecting iOS or Android development for mobile developers.

Businesses are known to use react native development due to its simplicity and efficiency.

Benefits of React Native in a business

  • Cross-platform usage

By using a single code base, react native apps can be developed and functioned smoothly on both the iOS and Android platforms. This means that one component will work both on  Android and iOS platforms. This greatly helps in avoiding to write separate codes for each platform.

  • Faster Usage

The app load time is greatly reduced as react along with Javascript helps in running most apps that are complex to function smoothly. The main focus of this framework is to build highly responsive and fluid mobile UI resulting in lower app load time.

  • App load time

 The ability of an app to run fast is the determining factor for the popular and unpopular mobile app and it is not that easy to achieve faster load time of an app. React Native helps in addressing the factors to help speed up the load time by working on key areas such as to improve memory efficiency, app startup time, the responsiveness of UI, scrolling performance, reducing app load time.

Hot reload feature

The aim of the react-native is to enhance the experience of the developer. React Native achieves this by reducing the time taken to save a file and observing the changes. This is done by the Hot reload feature.

  • Codebase

As react uses only one set of Javascript code for two different platforms, maintaining an app is much easier as the development process is the same and the same code can be reused. Consequently, separate teams of iOS and Android limit the resources to be used.

Live updates

The big advantage of developing native applications with react native is its live updates. You have the option to directly push updates without waiting for app store approvals to the user’s application. This enables to push your next release without having the user to update the app.



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